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DOT Safety


DOT Safety Class offers cutting-edge training solutions. Whether it's DOT Annual Inspection Training for drivers or Cargo Securement Training for drivers, we've got you covered. Our programs provide comprehensive industry knowledge through convenient e-learning, accessible 24/7 with an internet connection. Choose DOT Safety Class for effective training anytime, anywhere.

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"Incredible DOT training course! Informative, engaging, and flexible. Highly recommended!"

Carol Peters
Denver, CO

Amidst the surge in commercial vehicle enforcement, this course will provide you with an advantage against roadside violations.

Get your certificate as soon as today.

Enhance cargo security and minimize violation. Experience a smoother and more efficient operation that saves fleets money.

Get your certificate as soon as today.

Discover our comprehensive training program focusing on the essential sections of FMCSR for Qualified Inspector Requirements, covering:

  • Part 390: Understanding the Definition of CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle)
  • Part 393: Detailed insights into Lighting, Brakes, Chassis, Fuel Systems, and more
  • Part 396: Inspector Qualifications, Inspector Reports, and Record-Keeping Guidelines
  • Appendix G: Minimum Inspection Standards explained thoroughly
  • Qualification form

Our self-paced course offers users the flexibility to proceed at their own pace, ensuring thorough comprehension. Progression requires passing each section sequentially. With a single paid registration, participants gain access until the entire course is completed, eliminating concerns about additional fees or retakes. Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate, validating their achievement.

Upon finishing the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion alongside a qualification form. It’s crucial to retain both documents as they are necessary for authorization to perform inspections.

Upon finishing the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion. It’s crucial to retain this document as it is necessary for authorization to perform inspections.

FMCSA and DOT regulations apply nationwide, therefore the provided certificate is valid nationwide.

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